Monday, September 22, 2014


The wait for your call is a hard one. It's one of those times when you realize if you have any patience or not. Let's just say I developed some patience waiting for that little envelope to arrive in my mailbox. Good times, good times.

The 22nd of May was a beautiful day. For realz though. I had the opportunity that morning to go do some service for a lady in the ward. My mom (RS Prez) and a couple other sisters went and cleaned her home. About lunch time I got a text from my dad who had come home from work for lunch. It was actually a picture of the mailbox. And the mailbox had something in it. A big, white, important looking envelope-y something. WOOOHOOO!!!

When I got home it was there. Waiting for me. I wanted to open it up asap, of course, but my mom told me to wait until 7:00. Yup. Let's just say the afternoon dragged like nobody's business.

Finally the awaited time arrived. Soo many of my friends and family were at my house to support me. I had several people on speaker phone listening and also on skype. My hands shook as I slid the paper out and read the words:

Dear Sister Bailey Annette Helm, have been assigned to labor in the Brazil, Maceio Mission. BOOM. SPEAKING PORTUGUESE. Brazil MTC. September 24th, 2014.

WAIT. BRAZIL?! I had definitely NOT expected this. But I'm excited, we had a foreign exchange student from Brazil my senior year in high school and I got to know her pretty well. Brazil is a beautiful, amazing place and I can't wait to get there!!!!

Yes, I've heard all the stories about missionaries not making it to Brazil or waiting for their visas in the states for 10+ months. But my bishop (who actually was born and raised in Brazil and is fluent in Portuguese) promised me that I would make it there. So I will. I have faith in him and in the Lord.

*Note: I was notified several weeks later that my report date was going to be pushed back a week to October 1st due to a transfer extension. 

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