Tuesday, September 29, 2015

well well well

We had the most ordinary week ever here in Socorro 1A. 

I will try to think of interesting things to say to you all.....

It was Sister Lopez´s birthday! Yay! We sang parabéns to her about 6 million times and we celebrated for three days straight. And I have been singing Taylor Swift´s song,  22, to her wayyyy too much. But, one more time, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER LOPEZ. We had a super fun day where we had cake after lunch, then went to another lesson and they gave us more cake and then a bit later we went to a FHE where we ate pizza and more cake and then we went to another lesson where we also ate food. We finished the day rolling home and with more cake in the fridge.

So the problem of an American comp is that we talk about food in the U.S. that they don´t have here and then we get all hungry and sad and then talk about how good it would be to have said food. 

We had an interesting experience last night. Sister Lopez and I got home before the other sisters and when we entered the house the lights weren´t working. I thought that maybe the other sisters were there hiding and waiting to scare us (they like to do that) so I started to search the house. It was super creepy and scary and it got worse when I walked to the back and saw that the back door was open. So then I got real freaked out because maybe there was some creep in our house or something and then the other sisters got home and we were all scared so we called our ZL and they came to our house with their bishop and they searched our house and fixed the lights and then all was good.

So maybe that was a story that wasn´t all that cool but I am good now. The sad thing was that we didn´t get to see the eclipse because we were all soo tired we went right to sleep and missed it. :(

Well that was my week. 
I hope you are all excited for General Conference! It will be awesome! Also we have mission tour on the first and it will be fun!

Sister Helm

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Quick Week

So this week flew by! We had to go to Estancia to do divisions with the
sisters there and it was fun! I love to travel and see the other areas of
the mission. The people in Estancia are really cool. They talk a bit
differently and have a lot of slang that I have never heard. It was nice
because I slept really well because Estancia doesn´t have as many mosquitos
like Socorro has. What a blessing it was.

We had a great week with our lessons with members. Half of our lessons this
week were with members. We had a young woman that is preparing to serve a
mission next year that left with us and stayed with us the whole day! It
was a hard, long day and I think we wore her out.

As sister training leaders we get a lot of calls. from everyone. about
everything. you all know how much I love to talk on the phone so it´s been

People get really excited when I tell them that I hunt. They ask me what I
hunted and I try to explain because I don´t know all the names. It is
really funny! Guns are different here, only the police and the bad guys
have them. So when I tell them that we have a closet full of hunting stuff
they look at me like I am crazy. (generally people look at me like I am
crazy if you haven´t noticed)

I ate something weird!! Yay! and it was good! I ate dobradinha which is
tripe with beans and it´s really yummy. I have also discovered that liver
is tasty if done correctly. :) You all know I don´t like fish but it is a
delicacy here and so I ate fish last week. It was alright.....

Love you all soooo much!

Sister Helm

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Really, I am sorry mesmo.

Well, another great here in the beautiful world of Nossa Senhora do Socorro. (If you were wondering this translates to Our Senhora of the Help.) If you couldn´t tell, this city has a lot of catholic influence. 

It was a hot week! It is officially spring here but I think that seasons don´t really exist. It´s just hot. The days of eternal sweat have returned. In Arapíraca I was far away from the coast and so it was cooler. Here I am a lot closer and the humidity is reallllly fun.

We marked a lot of baptisms this week but then Sunday came and people didn´t come to church.

But we had this couple come and they are really cool! They need to get married but they are already planning everything and they got excited when we told them they could do it in the stake center if they wanted.

So actually we don´t have a chapel here in Socorro. It is in reform and so we are meeting in a nearby school. It´s a bit weird to have church in a school and I think our investigators are thinking the same thing. woooooooooo

A funny thing is that people see that the church got demolished and people ask us if our church ´ended´ hahahaha it´s great to serve a mission.

So this ward I am in is the best. The members once in a while get sad because they haven´t given us a referral for 2 weeks or something and so they invite us over to eat dinner and then talk with us about how they can be better as member missionaries and they start to make goals and it´s just the coolest. The food is great too.

Speaking of food, this morning I made french toast. It was supposed to be something cool for the brazilians in our house but they kinda just looked at me like I was crazy when I put the bread in the stirred eggs and then I put this ´weird sugar thing´ on top (maple syrup). But on the other hand I never saw Sister Lopez soo happy! So the two americans ate all the french toast.

I love you all! Keep sharing the gospel with your friends and family. We all need the gospel.

Com amor,
Sister Helm

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I am alright and alive I promise

Well it was a crazy week and I really don´t know how to explain it.

also this keyboard is all kinds of messed up and it takes an eternity to
write one sentence.

Yesterday was a holiday and so literally everything was closed.

we all dressed in the colors of Brasil.

I did divisions with Sister Caetano this last week and it was super fun

I am sorry but yes this is literally everything that I will write this week.

I love you all lots.

I promise that next week will be better.

sister Helm

Saturday, September 5, 2015

What a week!

Well after everything that happened this week....I think I am still alive.

It was so surreal leaving my old area. I didn´t get to say goodbye to
hardly anyone but....

I am in a good area. It is completely flat and that is the biggest blessing
ever! Haha after almost 10 months of hills and valleys it is amazing. It is
an area really different from my other areas. But, the bishop is really
cool (he´s a cop!) and the members love the sisters and love to make food
for them. Soooooooo yup. The members give referrals almost everyday. It´s
really cool to see how much of a difference it is to have them!

I am loving being with Sister Lopez again. It has been almost a year since
we were in the MTC just chillin trying to learn how to be missionaries and
now we are here.

Also side note is that people think that I am from Brazil because they say
I talk like a Brazilian! haha

We spent the week running around trying to get everything in order and I
learned how to do divisão on the job this week! It was a blast and I am
excited to get to know the other sisters!!!

I love you all so much!

Stay strong. The Lord will help you with literally everything!

Sister Helm