Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Quick Week

So this week flew by! We had to go to Estancia to do divisions with the
sisters there and it was fun! I love to travel and see the other areas of
the mission. The people in Estancia are really cool. They talk a bit
differently and have a lot of slang that I have never heard. It was nice
because I slept really well because Estancia doesn´t have as many mosquitos
like Socorro has. What a blessing it was.

We had a great week with our lessons with members. Half of our lessons this
week were with members. We had a young woman that is preparing to serve a
mission next year that left with us and stayed with us the whole day! It
was a hard, long day and I think we wore her out.

As sister training leaders we get a lot of calls. from everyone. about
everything. you all know how much I love to talk on the phone so it´s been

People get really excited when I tell them that I hunt. They ask me what I
hunted and I try to explain because I don´t know all the names. It is
really funny! Guns are different here, only the police and the bad guys
have them. So when I tell them that we have a closet full of hunting stuff
they look at me like I am crazy. (generally people look at me like I am
crazy if you haven´t noticed)

I ate something weird!! Yay! and it was good! I ate dobradinha which is
tripe with beans and it´s really yummy. I have also discovered that liver
is tasty if done correctly. :) You all know I don´t like fish but it is a
delicacy here and so I ate fish last week. It was alright.....

Love you all soooo much!

Sister Helm

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