Thursday, February 26, 2015

This Week

This week was crazy. For one, I haven´t fulled dried out since Wednesday
last week because of the rain! Rain is not fun here. Generally it is just a
light drench but once in a while it just pours buckets and umbrellas do
nothing and it´s great when you are just in the street because all your
appointments fell through. Oh well.

So this week we were clapping at doors in a new area when we happened on a
house where an old woman inside came to the window, saw us, and then when
we said we were missionaries she lit up and said she was a Jehovah´s
Witness and would we like to talk about the Bible with her? Yay. Later that
day we talked with two missionaries from another church about our church
and lets just say that it was a hard day.

We taught some people this week that really are sooo awesome. We went to
visit them with the Bishop and his wife and they weren´t at home. The
bishop and his wife left and we started to do contacts there. It is an area
realllly far away from our house, the church....everything. Did I mention
it was raining? Also lots of lightning and thunder! We came to a
crossroads, trying to figure out which way to go when we took one step in
one direction and a literal lightning bolt hit the powerpole in front of
us. really close. too close. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen and
the thunder after nearly left me deaf. So we turned around. Woo!
My sunday was really  busy. We ran to get a less active and take her to
church and it was raining and then went to get our investigator and she
wasnt there and then it really started to rain rain rain the street was a
river and then we arrived soaked and without our investigator :( and then I
had to teach the gospel principles class because the teacher wasn´t there
and then I gave a talk about repentance in sacrament meeting! woo! and that
was just until 12 oclock! Woo.
Yesterday the power was in and out, in and out. During the first part of
church it was out but it returned. When we were teaching later that
day....almost night, we had just taught the First Vision when the power
went out in the house and we were just sitting there in the dark with our
investigator and wondering what to do. So we continued teaching! There. in
the dark. until she got a candle and luckily the power came back when we
had to leave and we didnt walk in that street without light. It went out
again when we were walking and we got a call form the other sisters that
weneeded to get home NOW! Because it was getting really dark and the
streets didn´t have any light. So we practically ran home and its all good
now we have power!

So that was my week in a nutshell. We found some good people to teach and I
love my mission!! Woo for Brazil! I love you all sooooooo much!

Sister Helm


Monday, February 16, 2015

So this week. CARNAVAL

Making cookies with the cookie cutters and mix that Aunt Wendy and Grandma sent for Christmas
Yay for holidays when no one is at home. Soo sad. So this week we walked a
lot trying to find someone at home but it was still good. We were walking
yesterday among the drunks when I saw a woman walking and I just knew I
needed to talk with her. So we did and turns out she already received all
the discussions and was going to church for a long time but then she moved
and so that all stopped. It was good to find someone who wanted to talk to
us this week.
I was thinking of how to find the people here that are actually ready.
Sister Lopez is finishing the mission and she is ready and happy and
pleased with her work and I was thinking I want to finish like that. I
don´t want to look back and wish I had done more. But we teach sooo many
people that we just end up dropping the next week because they don´t want
to progress they just like our visits.
We have one investigator named Ana. She is probably about your age and has
one son (Felipe). He is 11. Her husband passed away last year. We met her
just clapping at doors trying to find people. She is sooooo awesome but
still hasnt come to church because of prior commitments. We talked a lot in
our last lesson about the church and she was impressed with how organized
our church is and I was like (in my head) yes of course its organized its
the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST. She said she wants to know our church so thats
I love the mish now that I can speak the language a bit better now. It is
better when you want to get to know someone and you can actually speak
their language (well for the most part I am still learning)

We went to the center of Aracaju today and it was so cool to see all the
cool stuff I want to bring home to you guys! If you want something let me
know! haha

So my comp says that she sends a hug, a kiss, and she will celebrate
Christmas with us in 2017 eating american food!! woohoo! (sending kisses is
normal here no one freak out kay?) :)
Well this week was hard. Carnaval really isn´t a good holiday for
missionary work....I am ready for it to be over already.  
 Love you all!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Woo por esta semana!

It was a hard week. We worked really hard and found some great people to

My companion is awesome.  Sister Guedes is her name. She´s the best. 
This week was hard but we are still going to work even harder to find
 people that will actually listen to us!! I don´t think i´ll ever get the hang
 of this training/mission thing but whats a little craziness to 
make life exciting?! We get along really well and she teaches like she 
has 1 year not 1 week. This is good because
my portuguese is still a bit stunted....GROW portuguese GROW. I love her
 sooo much and I am so thankful to have her for my trainee. Sometimes
 we argue about who was late/early. Let me explain. So I said that 
she was early and that is why I am training her instead of just normal 
companions and then she says I was late on the
mission and this is why I have to train right after being trained....I hope
its ok she´s coming home with me...haha

We are working really really really hard. We found people of gold. I hope
they stay shiny and ready to learn more about the gospel! Woo!

My testimony of this work and of Jesus Christ and of this gospel is growing
soo much every day. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be here.

I don´t have any exciting stories this week. Carnaval is approaching and so
there are police EVERYWHERE and we are super careful about walking in the
dark. We´ll see how it is when it actually gets here!!

I love Brazil and the mission soooo much! You are all the best!

Sister Helm

Monday, February 2, 2015

Love you all!

Once again I am short on time so this will be short too.

This week was a whirlwind. I said goodbye to my mom and hello to my
daughter. She is great and we are ready to do work! Woo!

It was sad to say goodbye to my mom but I am glad she taught me so much. I
went to Maceio this week. 5 hours away from my area more or less to get
her. We waited all day for them and while we waited another sister and I
made a contact with an awesome family so that was great. The presidente and
his wife also fed us well so that was of course AWESOME. The food here
really rocks. :)  Well, alls well now. I made it back home fine. Luckily its not that hard
and a member picked us up. I like my greenie she is from Rio de Janeiro and
is super cool and tiny. really skinny. so again I feel like a giant but oh
well. I love training but it is very hard. I wish my portuguese was better.
haha I will probably say this until the end of the mish. Its funny that
people in the ward ask her how long shes been on the mish and she says 2
weeks and they look at me like what you are training and Im just like
yes,,yes I am.

We spent the week walking A LOT looking for people. We contacted so many
people and clapped at a lot of houses and talked to a lot of catholics.
But, yesterday was awesome because we taught some of them about the
restoration. They are so awesome. I am excited to see where they will go.
This work is the best thing ever!!

I am so blessed to be here. What an opportunity I have. I am grateful I
have all of you behind me, supporting me. You are all the best.

We have interviews with the president this week and that´s pretty much all
the news Ive got. I love you all!!!

Sister Helm