Thursday, February 12, 2015

Woo por esta semana!

It was a hard week. We worked really hard and found some great people to

My companion is awesome.  Sister Guedes is her name. She´s the best. 
This week was hard but we are still going to work even harder to find
 people that will actually listen to us!! I don´t think i´ll ever get the hang
 of this training/mission thing but whats a little craziness to 
make life exciting?! We get along really well and she teaches like she 
has 1 year not 1 week. This is good because
my portuguese is still a bit stunted....GROW portuguese GROW. I love her
 sooo much and I am so thankful to have her for my trainee. Sometimes
 we argue about who was late/early. Let me explain. So I said that 
she was early and that is why I am training her instead of just normal 
companions and then she says I was late on the
mission and this is why I have to train right after being trained....I hope
its ok she´s coming home with me...haha

We are working really really really hard. We found people of gold. I hope
they stay shiny and ready to learn more about the gospel! Woo!

My testimony of this work and of Jesus Christ and of this gospel is growing
soo much every day. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be here.

I don´t have any exciting stories this week. Carnaval is approaching and so
there are police EVERYWHERE and we are super careful about walking in the
dark. We´ll see how it is when it actually gets here!!

I love Brazil and the mission soooo much! You are all the best!

Sister Helm

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