Monday, February 2, 2015

Love you all!

Once again I am short on time so this will be short too.

This week was a whirlwind. I said goodbye to my mom and hello to my
daughter. She is great and we are ready to do work! Woo!

It was sad to say goodbye to my mom but I am glad she taught me so much. I
went to Maceio this week. 5 hours away from my area more or less to get
her. We waited all day for them and while we waited another sister and I
made a contact with an awesome family so that was great. The presidente and
his wife also fed us well so that was of course AWESOME. The food here
really rocks. :)  Well, alls well now. I made it back home fine. Luckily its not that hard
and a member picked us up. I like my greenie she is from Rio de Janeiro and
is super cool and tiny. really skinny. so again I feel like a giant but oh
well. I love training but it is very hard. I wish my portuguese was better.
haha I will probably say this until the end of the mish. Its funny that
people in the ward ask her how long shes been on the mish and she says 2
weeks and they look at me like what you are training and Im just like
yes,,yes I am.

We spent the week walking A LOT looking for people. We contacted so many
people and clapped at a lot of houses and talked to a lot of catholics.
But, yesterday was awesome because we taught some of them about the
restoration. They are so awesome. I am excited to see where they will go.
This work is the best thing ever!!

I am so blessed to be here. What an opportunity I have. I am grateful I
have all of you behind me, supporting me. You are all the best.

We have interviews with the president this week and that´s pretty much all
the news Ive got. I love you all!!!

Sister Helm

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