Monday, April 20, 2015


Well I was transfered. Tomorrow I will go to my new area (Arapiraca). Sorry
you have to wait a week to hear how it is. The two things my area is know
for is great members and no water. So we´ll see how this goes! :)

Jessica had her baby and she is the cutest thing ever!!! Her name is Carla
Lauane de Oliveira. It is so sad that today I will have to say goodbye to
Jessica and her cute little family. She had a C-section so it will be a
while before she can get baptized. The only problem is that my companion
got transfered too and I think they will close my area. So I am hoping all
goes well with her and the other people we have been teaching.

We found and taught a young man named Nalbert. He is such a cool kid! He
went to church yesterday and made a lot of friends and has a baptism marked
for the 2nd of May! He is great and I hope that he continues like this.

It was sad to say goodbye to the members and my investigators here in
Eduardo Gomes. I loved them all soooooo much and it was such a blessing to
help the work here. I am excited for my next area but not all the packing
and stuff I have to do today.

This week was great. I had a great last week in Eduardo Gomes and I got
burned by the sun and soaked in the rain in the same day so that was fun. I
love you all and I will let you know how my next area/companion is next

Sister Helm

Monday, April 13, 2015


Well I was going to write that Jessica still hasn´t had her baby but we

So that´s great. I will probably be going to visit her today and I will let
you know next week how it went. Sorry you all have to wait.....

So this week was good. The weather has been great. Not.

The first part of the week it was SO HOT. I know that I said it was hot
before but it really was the worst heat I have ever experienced. Hell-fire
times two. It was weird because the air was really heavy like it was going
to rain but it never did. Until Saturday. And then the heavens broke loose
and everything came falling down. Cats dogs cows rats cockroaches.
Everything. We had some lessons in part of our area that is really low next
to the river and it was just a lake. Yay for being wet and shoes that still
haven´t dried out because it´s still raining. Right now. As I write.

Also. More fun things.....when it was terribly hot we had the blessing of
NO WATER. Luckily we have a faucet outside that is water from the reserve
and so we have been showering with buckets. fun fun fun! We have to fill
the buckets and carry them to the bathroom....4 girls....3 buckets....1
bathroom....1 faucet. yay.

But. We had an amazing lesson with Jessica this week. We taught the 3rd
lesson again and Jessica bore her testimony on how she knows this church is
true. She told us how she knows the Book of Mormon is true and the good
feelings she has when she reads it. It was amazing. Her house is completely
different now. The Spirit is there. What a miracle. The only sad thing is
that transfers are next week and I will probably be leaving. So I won´t get
to see her baptism. I am just glad I got to see the conversion.

Tomorrow we have Zone Conference for all of Sergipe so that should be
great. I will get to see Sister Lopez from the MTC!!! Yay!

We had a cool experience. We had a training from our ZL where they had the
person pray before the invitation to be baptized. We tried it this week and
marked two baptisms like pie. It was amazing!

I love you all and I love this church.

Keep being awesome!!

Sister Helm

Saturday, April 11, 2015

6 Months

Yup. I hit the 6 month mark this week. It was a bit strange to think but
fun because we celebrated with pizza and soda.

This week was good. It felt short because of the two days of Conference and
we put on a ward easter party on Friday so the actual walking in the sun
and all that normal work was only three days. But. We got a lot of stuff
done. My companion and I with a woman in the ward helped prepare Jessica´s
house for the baby. Speaking of the baby. SHE STILL HASN´T COME. Jessica is
past 9 months with this baby and so we are all praying it comes soon. We
are reading the Book of Mormon with her and she is doing well.

We ran around a lot trying to find people at home. It went alright. Haha
sometimes I think the people are at home they are just hiding inside
because they don´t want to talk to us.....certainly is a possibility. To
me, a mission is a time when you talk to A LOT of people that don´t want to
talk to you.

I loved every part of General Conference. Especially the air conditioning
they have in the stake building. I was cold during conference and I loved
it! Haha but really conference was great and I learned a lot and the Spirit
was so strong. On Sunday Jessica came and watched with us and she liked it!
During the last session she started feeling some pain and I was kinda
freakin out because I didn´t know what to do. Anyways COME BABY COME
hopefully it will be today or tomorrow.

Well that was my week. It was good. I love the mission. I know this church
is true. I know Thomas S. Monson is the prophet of God on the earth today.

I love you all!
Sister Helm

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


So this week wasn´t the best. BUT. We are still working hard and doing our
best to find people to teach.

Jessica is still doing great. She has to wait until after the baby comes to
get baptized. She came to church yesterday and liked it! I have the
absolute blessing of seeing a real-life miracle right in front of me. A
person who had nothing, lived for nothing, didn´t want anything is now
trying and praying and making goals and everything else. One thing I
noticed this week was that when we went to teach her this week her home had
the Spirit. It was such a difference and I love her so much! We are hoping
that baby come soon!!!

We had the best lunch ever in the whole world yesterday after church. Also
I tried frozen sugarcane and it was weird but strangely very good. We
helped prepare and I was put in charge of the meat. Woo woo for Brazilian
bbq! The members have their two children out on missions and so its always
fun to go to their house and hear the stories!

We walked a lot. I got burnt. Someone asked me if I had a problem with my
skin because of my freckles. So all in all, normal.

We are walking a lot because no one was at home this week!!! So we walked a
lot and made a lot of contacts instead. It was good and we always find
interesting people on the street.

Yesterday we watched Conference at a member´s house. The same members that
we had lunch with. It was good and I was glad I understood the Portuguese.

Well, that was my week. It was not the best at the beginning but ended well
enough! Can´t wait for General Conference and Easter!!! Yay! We are having
a ward Easter activity this Friday so it should be an exciting week!

Thank you all for everything!

Sister Helm