Saturday, April 11, 2015

6 Months

Yup. I hit the 6 month mark this week. It was a bit strange to think but
fun because we celebrated with pizza and soda.

This week was good. It felt short because of the two days of Conference and
we put on a ward easter party on Friday so the actual walking in the sun
and all that normal work was only three days. But. We got a lot of stuff
done. My companion and I with a woman in the ward helped prepare Jessica´s
house for the baby. Speaking of the baby. SHE STILL HASN´T COME. Jessica is
past 9 months with this baby and so we are all praying it comes soon. We
are reading the Book of Mormon with her and she is doing well.

We ran around a lot trying to find people at home. It went alright. Haha
sometimes I think the people are at home they are just hiding inside
because they don´t want to talk to us.....certainly is a possibility. To
me, a mission is a time when you talk to A LOT of people that don´t want to
talk to you.

I loved every part of General Conference. Especially the air conditioning
they have in the stake building. I was cold during conference and I loved
it! Haha but really conference was great and I learned a lot and the Spirit
was so strong. On Sunday Jessica came and watched with us and she liked it!
During the last session she started feeling some pain and I was kinda
freakin out because I didn´t know what to do. Anyways COME BABY COME
hopefully it will be today or tomorrow.

Well that was my week. It was good. I love the mission. I know this church
is true. I know Thomas S. Monson is the prophet of God on the earth today.

I love you all!
Sister Helm

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