Monday, April 20, 2015


Well I was transfered. Tomorrow I will go to my new area (Arapiraca). Sorry
you have to wait a week to hear how it is. The two things my area is know
for is great members and no water. So we´ll see how this goes! :)

Jessica had her baby and she is the cutest thing ever!!! Her name is Carla
Lauane de Oliveira. It is so sad that today I will have to say goodbye to
Jessica and her cute little family. She had a C-section so it will be a
while before she can get baptized. The only problem is that my companion
got transfered too and I think they will close my area. So I am hoping all
goes well with her and the other people we have been teaching.

We found and taught a young man named Nalbert. He is such a cool kid! He
went to church yesterday and made a lot of friends and has a baptism marked
for the 2nd of May! He is great and I hope that he continues like this.

It was sad to say goodbye to the members and my investigators here in
Eduardo Gomes. I loved them all soooooo much and it was such a blessing to
help the work here. I am excited for my next area but not all the packing
and stuff I have to do today.

This week was great. I had a great last week in Eduardo Gomes and I got
burned by the sun and soaked in the rain in the same day so that was fun. I
love you all and I will let you know how my next area/companion is next

Sister Helm

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