Monday, May 4, 2015

Mission Life

Well the transfer went well. I am in Arapiraca safe in sound with my two
companions! Yup TRIO. So that´s great. I am loving my companions soooo
much. They love to laugh and work and eat. So we are all the same. Yay! It
was a bit strange to teach in the beginning but its all good now.

My new area is very different. Luckily we have water and we have huge jugs
filled with water just in case. The area is close to the center of the city
so it is less rural than my other area. Its also a lot smaller. Woo. Also
it doesn´t have hills and valleys. yay again!

The people are great. We are teaching an amazing lady named Adriana. She
WANTS to be baptized and we are working with her because she has a bit of
trouble with the commandments. But she came to church yesterday and also
last week and so she might be baptized this saturday! Prayers! I am loving
our investigators and the youth here are literally the best.

So that´s my area. Not much happened this week except that no one calls me
by my real name. Sister Helm is just too hard for them. So they say Sister
Maionese (mayonese), Sister Valente (valente means brave from the movie) or
Sister Leme (leme is helm in portugues) or just Sister Ruiva (ruiva is
redhead) I  have gotten all these names in the space of almost a week.

I will complete 7 months this week! Yay! Haha the time is flying by and its
scaring me a bit. Also exciting is that my birthday and also mothers day is
the same day so I will get the best birthday present ever! Talk to my

The only sad thing is that I have no idea what is happening with
Jessica......More prayers for her!

Love you all!

Sister Helm

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