Monday, May 4, 2015

What a week!

Well it certainly wasn´t the best week of my mission. Luckily with great
companions and a few miracles it gets better.

It started that we found some great people to teach. But when we returned
to teach more they hid from us in their houses. And not just one person or
one family. Everyone. People on the street that don´t know us too. The best
was when we saw the lady sitting out front and then she saw us and then ran
into the house and shut the door. When we got to the door we knocked and no
one answered. The neighbor was there and she said `oh she´s in there!` and
then opened the door as if to enter but it was a bit difficult because the
lady inside was holding the door so no one could go in. So that was fun.

The good part is that we had people in church that said they wouldn´t come
and we were going to drop them but yesterday when we walked in they were
there! They sure had a change of heart that is a blessing and a miracle! We
are working with some great people and I am praying and hoping they will
accept what we are teaching. One lady has already had dreams with Joseph
Smith and The Book of Mormon and lots of other things. So when I say it
wasn´t the best really was an alright week.

I was thinking today about missions and how awesome they are. Something
that I remembered that the president of the MTC said when we were leaving:
You aren´t going to serve missions, you are becoming missionaries.

May we all apply that in our live today.

Shout out to Wyatt that will get his call sooooon! So excited!

Love you all to Brazil and back,

Sister Valente

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