Monday, May 25, 2015


Sorry a bit short on time this week. Lots of things happened because we had
transfers again!

So I will stay here in Arapiraca and I will train again. My beloved
companions are both leaving... :( But all´s good in the end. I will let you
know how my daughter is next week.

This week was good. We had two families at church yesterday! It was a
blessing and also a first on the mission. The only bad thing is that
everyone here has to get married and that is always great. Not. For one, it
takes FOREVER to get married here and also the other is that usually the
people don´t want to get married in the first place. BUT.  We are working
with them!

It was fun to have splits with the Sister Training Leaders this week. It is
always fun to see how they work and learn A LOT from them.

We had a good, solid 3 days of rain. I still haven´t decided if I like the
rain or not. I like it because its sooo hot every day and it´s nice to have
a change but also its horrible because we have to walk all day and just be
soaked to the bones.

We had the added blessing of no electricity because of the rain. I think a
person doesn´t know real fear until they have to walk through unlit streets
in the dark with rain and know that there is tons of robbers everywhere.
But, I believe in the power of prayer so I was just prayin as we walked and
finally we got to our apartment that miracle of miracles had electricity.

So that was our week.

I love you all.

I love this work.

Sister Helm

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