Monday, May 11, 2015

A Full Week

Well it was a good week. We worked a lot and less people were running from
us so that was a blessing. I also had the amazing opportunity to talk with
my family on Sunday! It was the best birthday present ever!  It was great to

talk with you all. It was hard to say goodbye especially when I remembered that was the last time I will see Wyatt until next mothers day.....when I am home and he is on a mission.

I tried to tell a few stories yesterday that didn´t work because of my
terrible english.

One was that we had a miracle in our Zone Meeting. Our ZLs gave everyone a
challenge. Ours was that we had 30 minutes to find a family and mark a time
to teach them. WHATT? LIKE, NOW?  Yup. So we left the building and prayed
to find a family that was waiting for us in that very moment. We turned the
corner and I had the impression we needed to talk with some youth sitting
in front of  a house. We talked with them and then finally found the mother
and talked to her and she was so excited to see us and said she always
wanted to go to our church and that her son was baptized but wasn´t going
anymore. She said she never went when he was going because she didn´t feel
comfortable with the elders. WOO WE FOUND SOMEONE WAITING FOR US!! It was a
blessing/miracle and she went to church yesterday and loved it and also all
the members love her and her family. So that´s my miracle.

Also I got word from my daughter yesterday (I trained her so she´s my
daughter on the mission) that back in my old area our investigator got
baptized. He was confirmed at STAKE CONFERENCE. Ahhh I was sooooo happy and
I am so happy for him! Yay for Nalbert!

I tried to tell a funny story yesterday but that didn´t work either. I was
trying to say that one time we were teaching an old lady and she all of a
sudden decided she didn´t want to get baptized anymore because people are
always leaving the church. We tried to explain to her the importance of the
church and the restored gospel but she was firm in her decision. She said
again ``no I won´t get baptized in this church because people leave the
church`` I was a bit fed up with this so I just said ``Yes, everyone leaves
the 12:30`` (That´s the time church ends here on sunday) I
think you had to be there but my companions were laughing so hard we could
hardly finish the lesson. If you are wondering...she never got the joke.

So that was a fun experience.

I miss the temple. I feel a bit strange knowing that we have a temple so
close. The people here love the temple but can only visit once or twice a
year because it´s so long and no one has cars and they can only go when
there is a bus that the stake rents. Then they have to travel for 5-9 hours
to actually get there! We sometimes take the blessings of the temple for
granted. I wish that the people that have temple so close would remember
that sometimes.

I was glad I didn´t experience the real brazilian birthday tradition of
eggs smashed on your head with a bit of flour on top. My companions were
planning I think but I cooked all the eggs and it was Sunday so they
couldn´t buy more! Yay for my smartness!

Not much more happened this week. I just want to remind everyone about the
importance of missionary work and the happiness of the gospel.

I love you all sooo much! Have a great week!

Sister Helm

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