Tuesday, August 25, 2015

....I don't have words....

Well. I really don´t have words for what happened this week and everything
that I am feeling right now. But, I know everyone will kill me if I don´t
write and so here I go....

It was an amazing week. For realz. We taught A LOT and we have some amazing
people that we are teaching. We had six people at church yesterday and some
baptisms marked for September. What a good week it was....

So imagine the shock I got when I the Presidente called me yesterday night.
Yup. Emergency transfer. I will be leaving my beautiful area and my dearest
companion. I will leave 2 hours from now. I am going to Sergipe and I will
be a Sister Training Leader there. My companion will be Sister Lopez (yup
the one from the MTC :))

I am a bit sad right now.

I know the Lord has a plan for everyone.

Sister Saturnino will stay in trio with the other sisters here. They
inherited a pretty big area and I hope that they can keep up with all the

I love you all lots.

Have a good week.

Sister Helm

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Baptisms, I almost got bitten by a dog, Ward Activity, TRANSFERS

Well. Miracle of all miracles Josefa got baptized. After a lot of time.....

We had a crazy week.

It started on Tuesday when we were running (again) to all of our lessons.
We had some pretty stellar lessons with some super cool people. We were
running back home at the end of the day when two dogs started to chase us
and barking and I maybe freaked out a little bit and I just stopped in the
middle of the road and I think we had angels watching over us because the
dogs just stopped two inches away from my calf, turned around and trotted

So Josefa said she wanted to get baptized and then we had to run to get the
interview and tell the members and make cake. The enemy was working too and
put a lot of roadblocks up but Josefa is amazing and she stayed super
strong the whole week. Even though her family was saying horrible things
and trying to chase us away. It was a great experience. She was soooo
happy! Also Nenzinha´s sons got baptized and it was super cool. The boys
all want to serve missions now and so it was a great week! (crazy week)

I thought I´d just mention that Sister Saturnino and I made our famous
Maracujá cake with mousse on top and it was a hit. Josefo had asked for it
especially and I think she ate 4 pieces.

We had a ward activity and we were in charge (missionaries) and it was
good. It wasn´t the best because of some small problems with the games at
the end and who won what BUT we had a lot of members and investigators
there and our investigators made friends and we all ate food (that´s always
good right).

The week ended with the confirmations on Sunday. It was beautiful. I think
the ward had a mini shock.... 4 baptisms! Woo!

It was the last week of the transfer so I took millions of pictures with
everyone and it turns out that I am staying! Woo 6 more weeks! Also Sister
Saturnino is staying and we are super happy about everything.

It was a good week!

Shout out to Wyatt that will become part of this great work.Welcome to the
crazy life Wyatt!

Love you all tons and tons and tons,
Sister Helm

Monday, August 10, 2015


Yup. The most exciting thing that happened this week is that Josefa went to
church. Finally. Finally.

Really. It wasn´t a bummer of a week or anything just that nothing exciting
happened. Well, nothing that wasn´t completely abnormal.

A few things:

1) My companion is literally my best friend. How blessed I am to have a
companion that like Harry Potter, Star Wars, hamburgers, and chocolate and
is completely with me when we pass by a churros stand on the street and
then we look at each other and I say....we should totally do a contact with
that churros lady....and so we buy churros and invite her to go to church.

2) What do you do when its 8oclock at night and you walk in front of a
house with an incredibly old lady laying on the doorstep with the
grandaughter trying to wake her up? Yup, you help carry the drunk grandma
(that is super small) into the house and then do a contact.

3) What do you do when you accidentally make a contact with a man that
expulses devils and does spiritual interviews? run.

4) I don´t have anything else to say.

Oh! Yesterday we had the most delicious dessert of all time made of
pineapple and it was heavenly and I think we are going to make it today.

And sorry but I am short on time...yet again.

Shout out to my brother that will leave to Ghana, Africa next week! He is
going to totally rock it! Wooooooooo woooo missions are the best.

love you all!
Sister Helm

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Woop Woop Missionary Work

What a week of running.

yup. More running everywhere trying to teach everyone this week.

We´ve been having a bit of trouble (a lot of trouble) trying to.get people
to come to church. It´s been really difficult. So this week we fasted and
prayed to have investigators in church. On Sunday morning we went around to
walk with our investigators to church and every single one had an excuse
about why they couldn´t go. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. So we went to church alone. We
walked in and talked with Tayna (who is perfect and literally amazing).
When we were there we saw two of our investigators that we had already
stopped teaching walk in and then later a member walked in and she had
brought her friend. So I can say that miracles are real.

Tayna did splits with us yesterday and it was sooooooo coool. She has been
baptized for 1 month now and yesterday she helped us teach the Plan of
Salvation! She taught about the three kingdoms perfectly and then bore her
testimony and Sister Saturnino and I were just there beaming like proud
moms and smiling from ear to ear.

We had an amazing experience with one of our investigators that we have
been teaching for a while. Actually she has been getting visisted by the
sisters for about 1 year and a half. And finally we marked her baptism.

So the missionary work is going. We had a few FHEs marked this week with
families in the ward and its going to be great. Especially because FOOD.

Sister Saturnino and I cook a lot. Mostly cake. And other sweet brazilian
things that you guys don´t have. Don´t worry I am getting the recipes and I
will make them when I get home.

Nothing makes me feel like I am in Brasil more than when I am walking on
the street and there is a billion people and everyone is saying good
afternoon to each other and the smell of food in the air and brazilian
music playing and dogs everywhere and then we stop at a little store to buy
fresh fruit. Yup. This is the life.

I don´t know what I will do when I have to go home and I won´t have fresh
mango juice every morning with my brazilian coconut sweet bread that we buy
at the neighborhood bakery. (super good if you were wondering)

I love you all. Stay strong in the gospel.

Sister Helm