Sunday, August 23, 2015

Baptisms, I almost got bitten by a dog, Ward Activity, TRANSFERS

Well. Miracle of all miracles Josefa got baptized. After a lot of time.....

We had a crazy week.

It started on Tuesday when we were running (again) to all of our lessons.
We had some pretty stellar lessons with some super cool people. We were
running back home at the end of the day when two dogs started to chase us
and barking and I maybe freaked out a little bit and I just stopped in the
middle of the road and I think we had angels watching over us because the
dogs just stopped two inches away from my calf, turned around and trotted

So Josefa said she wanted to get baptized and then we had to run to get the
interview and tell the members and make cake. The enemy was working too and
put a lot of roadblocks up but Josefa is amazing and she stayed super
strong the whole week. Even though her family was saying horrible things
and trying to chase us away. It was a great experience. She was soooo
happy! Also Nenzinha´s sons got baptized and it was super cool. The boys
all want to serve missions now and so it was a great week! (crazy week)

I thought I´d just mention that Sister Saturnino and I made our famous
Maracujá cake with mousse on top and it was a hit. Josefo had asked for it
especially and I think she ate 4 pieces.

We had a ward activity and we were in charge (missionaries) and it was
good. It wasn´t the best because of some small problems with the games at
the end and who won what BUT we had a lot of members and investigators
there and our investigators made friends and we all ate food (that´s always
good right).

The week ended with the confirmations on Sunday. It was beautiful. I think
the ward had a mini shock.... 4 baptisms! Woo!

It was the last week of the transfer so I took millions of pictures with
everyone and it turns out that I am staying! Woo 6 more weeks! Also Sister
Saturnino is staying and we are super happy about everything.

It was a good week!

Shout out to Wyatt that will become part of this great work.Welcome to the
crazy life Wyatt!

Love you all tons and tons and tons,
Sister Helm

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