Monday, August 10, 2015


Yup. The most exciting thing that happened this week is that Josefa went to
church. Finally. Finally.

Really. It wasn´t a bummer of a week or anything just that nothing exciting
happened. Well, nothing that wasn´t completely abnormal.

A few things:

1) My companion is literally my best friend. How blessed I am to have a
companion that like Harry Potter, Star Wars, hamburgers, and chocolate and
is completely with me when we pass by a churros stand on the street and
then we look at each other and I say....we should totally do a contact with
that churros lady....and so we buy churros and invite her to go to church.

2) What do you do when its 8oclock at night and you walk in front of a
house with an incredibly old lady laying on the doorstep with the
grandaughter trying to wake her up? Yup, you help carry the drunk grandma
(that is super small) into the house and then do a contact.

3) What do you do when you accidentally make a contact with a man that
expulses devils and does spiritual interviews? run.

4) I don´t have anything else to say.

Oh! Yesterday we had the most delicious dessert of all time made of
pineapple and it was heavenly and I think we are going to make it today.

And sorry but I am short on time...yet again.

Shout out to my brother that will leave to Ghana, Africa next week! He is
going to totally rock it! Wooooooooo woooo missions are the best.

love you all!
Sister Helm

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