Tuesday, August 25, 2015

....I don't have words....

Well. I really don´t have words for what happened this week and everything
that I am feeling right now. But, I know everyone will kill me if I don´t
write and so here I go....

It was an amazing week. For realz. We taught A LOT and we have some amazing
people that we are teaching. We had six people at church yesterday and some
baptisms marked for September. What a good week it was....

So imagine the shock I got when I the Presidente called me yesterday night.
Yup. Emergency transfer. I will be leaving my beautiful area and my dearest
companion. I will leave 2 hours from now. I am going to Sergipe and I will
be a Sister Training Leader there. My companion will be Sister Lopez (yup
the one from the MTC :))

I am a bit sad right now.

I know the Lord has a plan for everyone.

Sister Saturnino will stay in trio with the other sisters here. They
inherited a pretty big area and I hope that they can keep up with all the

I love you all lots.

Have a good week.

Sister Helm

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