Monday, January 26, 2015


 We are guessing, but we suppose this is her Christmas present from the Mission President and his wife.
We are guessing a  Zone Conference
The whole mission at Christmas time in Maceio

So. Transfers this week. Dun dun dun...

I will be staying in Eduardo Gomes! Yay! And I will be....TRAINING?!

Yup. So it´s going to be real fun to see how this all plays out. I am
excited for what´s ahead but I don´t really know how to get there. I will
go to Maceió tomorrow to pick up my greenie.

This week, other than that, was normal. Yesterday was sad as no one we
talked to could come to church. But, it was a awesome surprise when we were
sitting in the second hour class and an old investigator we had dropped
came in! Woo! It is good to see her desire to be better rekindling.

We taught a lot of lessons this week. We walked a lot. Both are good but
sometime the walking one gets pretty tiring. :) For some reason the people
we contact on the street are getting more hostile. They want only to bash
our religion into the ground. This is strange because generally people here
are welcome to any and all religion. We will keep working!

This week I felt especially dirty. We walked on a lot of back roads (dirt
roads) and the wind was terrible and people have been burning a lot so
there is smoke. When you are sweaty and its humid and then you have dirt
and smoke....we come home every night smelling and looking beautiful.

That was my week. Not much happened. It will be strange to have a new
companion. I am very blessed to be here. This opportunity is amazing. I
love this work and I love the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you all for everything!

Com amor,
Sister Helm

Monday, January 19, 2015

Woop for Brasil

This week was great because we found more people to teach. The members here
are awesome and help us a lot with references and all that. 

We had zone conference and it was awesome to see my comp from the MTC
again. I am getting to know more people in my mission and that is great too!
So this week was awesome when we re-found a potential investigator. We
tried her house many times and then gave up because we couldn´t get a hold
of her. Later the other sisters in our house told us they had met someone
from our area that wanted to hear from us. Turns out it was her! She had
moved and so that´s why we couldn´t find her. Woo for miracles. She is
awesome. I really really love teaching her. Yesterday we went to her house
before church to see if she was coming. She opened the door and asked if
she could go to church with us. We were like....YES. Also when we were
teaching her the first time she said that we were an answer to her prayers.
I am so lucky to be a part of this work.

Also yesterday we ate a lunch that was absolutely huuugggee and sooooo good! 
I have been eating the most best food ever in my life. (that sentence
doesn´t make sense but oh well). Its true.

One of my favorite things to do is when our appointments fall through we go
contacting and talk to people of all kinds. I love everyone here. I have
heard some of the craziest stories and seen the craziest things but its all
good. This week was a bit hard because everyone we tried to contact didn´t
want to talk to us. Generally the people here love to talk about everyone
and everything especially religion so it was a bit strange.

We have transfers next week and I am really hoping I don´t get transfered
just yet. I feel I have a lot of work yet to do here in Eduardo Gomes B. :)

I love the mission! Woo for cockroaches! Yay for sun!

I am so blessed. Thank you everyone for your prayers and love. I can feel
them all they way down here in Brasil.

Com amor,
Sister Helm

Monday, January 12, 2015


So Im on the slowest computer of all time and I only have a few minutes
sorry! This week was good and really hard at the same time. We had to drop
a lot of investigators because they didn´t want to talk with us anymore.
There are few things that are sadder than that but we have hope. We found a
really really awesome man named Carlos. He is actually a reference from the
Elders in our district. He came to church yesterday and is incredibly
excited to learn more about the gospel and Jesus Christ. He is soo funny!
He has been prepared by the hand of the Lord for sure. I am glad I have the
opportunidade to see him grow and get closer to Our Savior.

It was soo hot this week. We walked a lot and seemed to teach very little.
I am grateful to be here but I would be happy if the sun would take more
breaks. Actually no because then we get rain. Lots of rain.

I hit two months in Brazil yesterday! I feel like I´ve been here a lot
longer than that. My portuguese is getting better but it is still hard to
understand sometimes because people talk realllllyyy fast.

I am grateful for everything. My testimony of the Savior grows each and
every day and I am happy to be here. I love this gospel and I love this

I love you all. I pray for you everyday. Stay fiel. Stay strong. Stay

Com amor,

Sister Helm

Monday, January 5, 2015

Woop for 2015

It doesn´t feel like 2015. It´s really weird to think I will spend all of
this year in Brazil! What??!! So crazy.

Anyhow. Our New Year was pretty low key. We spent it with a recent convert.
We had cachorro quente (which is awwweeesssome) and had some sparklers. She
is amazing and it was really fun. We had to go back to our house at 9:30
though. We went to bed at the normal time and then woke up for the
fireworks at 12. There were a lot of fireworks. We could see sooo many just
from the front of our house. Then we went back to bed. Yay.

We had a baptism this week! It was the daughter of a less active member. He
is coming back to church too so that is awesome. The daughter is super
amazing too. She loves the church and has a super strong testimony.

I don´t have any awesome stories this week. We helped a woman with a party
for her daughters first birthday and it was really cool to see how
Brazilians do birthdays. Lots of singing! It was really fun and of course
the food was good. My catering skills came in handy too! :)

We walked soooo much this week and it is getting hotter every day. Really
really hot.

One thing was that I was talking with a man on the street. He thought I was
from São Paulo and so that was funny. After he found out I was from the
United States all of a sudden he couldn´t understand anything I was saying.
So that was frustrating. Oh well.

I love this work. I love the gospel. I love Jesus Christ and my Heavenly
Father. I know they us. I am so thankful for this opportunity. I am
thankful for your prayers. I love you all.

Com amor,

Sister Helm