Monday, January 5, 2015

Woop for 2015

It doesn´t feel like 2015. It´s really weird to think I will spend all of
this year in Brazil! What??!! So crazy.

Anyhow. Our New Year was pretty low key. We spent it with a recent convert.
We had cachorro quente (which is awwweeesssome) and had some sparklers. She
is amazing and it was really fun. We had to go back to our house at 9:30
though. We went to bed at the normal time and then woke up for the
fireworks at 12. There were a lot of fireworks. We could see sooo many just
from the front of our house. Then we went back to bed. Yay.

We had a baptism this week! It was the daughter of a less active member. He
is coming back to church too so that is awesome. The daughter is super
amazing too. She loves the church and has a super strong testimony.

I don´t have any awesome stories this week. We helped a woman with a party
for her daughters first birthday and it was really cool to see how
Brazilians do birthdays. Lots of singing! It was really fun and of course
the food was good. My catering skills came in handy too! :)

We walked soooo much this week and it is getting hotter every day. Really
really hot.

One thing was that I was talking with a man on the street. He thought I was
from São Paulo and so that was funny. After he found out I was from the
United States all of a sudden he couldn´t understand anything I was saying.
So that was frustrating. Oh well.

I love this work. I love the gospel. I love Jesus Christ and my Heavenly
Father. I know they us. I am so thankful for this opportunity. I am
thankful for your prayers. I love you all.

Com amor,

Sister Helm

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