Monday, December 29, 2014

Week of Natal

What a week.

Natal and Ano Novo make the work a bit hard here. It was interesting to see
how another country celebrates Christmas and I can report that they drink
and party a lot.

BUT. It was all good. I really am blessed to be in an area with awesome
members that want to have us at their houses and feed us. Yay for food! Our
Christmas Eve was good. We went to a member´s house and played Go Fish and
watched the Cultural Celebration of the Sao Paulo templo. It was nice to
relax and strange to watch the television because we usually avoid that
kind of thing. Natal was the best though because I got to skype with you
all! Woo! Best thing ever! It was really nice to talk face to face (kinda)
and hear answers to questions right off the bat instead of a week later.
Other than that my Natal day was pretty much the same as usual.

We had an interesting experience. We went to visit one of our investigators
with a member and wish her a Feliz Natal and give her a little present we
made. She lives with her mom and has a daughter. We were met at the door by
her mother. We have seen her mother only few times before this. The next
thing we know the mother of our investigator is literally screaming at us
and calling us devils and ordering us to leave her house. Yup. So that was
fun. It is sad because she said if her daughter gets baptized she will have
to leave her house. :( and soo....

We had a mini miracle this week when we were walking in our area. We were
on a hill when a young girl came running up to us and said she wanted to go
to church with us. It turns out that her father saw us from below and wants
his children to be baptized. He is a member but hasn´t gone to church in a
while. It was awesome!

I love you all. Have a great Ano Novo!

Sister Helm

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