Monday, December 1, 2014

Answers to some questions

This is an except from a letter wrote to me(her momma).  I was asking questions 
and this is some of her responses.
They don´t have Thanksgiving here soo......I had Subway and ice cream. I
was actually in Maceio getting registered with the police here. I got to be
with Sister Lopez from the MTC and it was totally awesome. We really missed
each other and it was nice to catch up. We also saw Elder Trout from our
district. Also black friday here is called black friday. interesting. Since
I was in Maceio during that I got to see a bit of the frenzy. Woop! Maceio
is a lot different than our area. a lot. I´m good with everything. I don´t
need anything except the gift of tongues and lots of investigators. Some
prayers wouldn´t hurt. hahah. :)

Yay for baptisms! We went to a batismo of some elders in our district here
and it was beautiful and I can´t wait for one of my investigators to be
baptized! we found a really awesome man yesterday. Staunch catholic but
totally willing to pray about our message and get baptized if he feels it
is true. yes!

Yes, we live with two other sister. The sister training leaders of our zone
actually. Super awesome sisters. i love them all but it´s hard sometimes
because they have been on missions for a while and so I feel stupid around
them a lot because I never know what´s happening. I´m hoping it will wear
off after a while. No, that was a members house....the husband is actually
american so thats cool. We eat the same thing pretty much everyday but i
havent gotten sick of it yet. I hope I don´t because then it will be not
fun to eat at members houses. the food is rice, beans, some sort of salad
like lettuce and tomatoes and apples, juice that is absolutely amazing and
the desserts I actually don´t know what anything is but it tastes
delicious. I don´t know our address. Brazil has weird streets. like in one
place there is a street D and a street B and then the numbers don´t go in
numerical order....yeah. The baskets are for trash. It doesn´t always work
because there is trash everywhere. Yay for open sewers and trash and mangy
animals. It smells really nice too...not. haha but it´s all good. My
companion is....I´m not quite sure because I can´t talk to her very well.
It makes it hard to bond. We are getting along though!

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