Monday, December 1, 2014

2 months on mission

Yup. dois. It´s kind of crazy but there it is.

This week was pretty low key. A lot of our appointments fell through and it
is only going to get worse as Natal approaches. We´ve been finding a lot of
new investigators and we are excited to teach them more about Christ and
the love He has for them.

Yesterday was crazy though. We were going to pass by an investigator´s
house to pick them up for church on the one side of our area. On the way
there we called another investigator and reminded them about church that
morning. She didn´t want to come so we said we´d come by and get here too.
The only problem is that she lives on the completely other side of our
area. completely. Like a 45 minute fast walk completely. So, we picked up
the first person, dropped him off at church and then headed out to get the
other investigator. Church started in 15 minutes but not sacrament but
Relief Society and Priesthood and all that. Anywho we were about 3 minutes
from her house when her spouse called and said that she already left. woop.
So we started walking back and found her on the way. She has two young
girls. 1 and 3 i believe and so we hauled those kids and her the 45 minutes
to the church. Did I mention that yesterday was also the hottest day I have
ever beheld? Yes. of course it was. And so, we finally arrived at church.
We found another one of investigators trying to leave but we convinced him
to stay. and so then went in and got everyone situated. Minha nossa I was
sweating like a stuck hog. BUT we got our investigators to church. Lots and
lots and lots of walking later.

We went back to the first investigators house after almoco to teach him and
his family and found him half drunk outside his house.... :( We tried to
explain to him the effects of alchol and all that but to no avail. The cool
thing is that he was talking to his neighbor and so we started talking to
him. He has probably 50 or so years and is a staunch catholic. We were
talking to him about Christ and the Book of Mormon and he wanted to hear
more. So we taught him the restoration. He is going to read the Book of
Mormon and pray and has a baptimal date set! Woo!

When we returned home i discovered I have a wicked sunburn. Super bad. My
favorite part is the line from my watch. Yay! Also an awesome blister that
takes up all of my little toe. No pain, no gain. haha

Anywho, I love this gospel. I love you all. Thank you for everything.

Sister Helm

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