Monday, December 22, 2014


We had a batismo this week! Yay! It was great.

Last P day we went to the beach! We can´t touch the sand so it was from
some distance but it was still beautiful! I also bought a really cool ring
made from a coconut and I am already planning the cool things I will bring
home when that time comes.

I got a letter from Uncle Peter and it was probs the coolest thing ever so
thanks Tio Pedro. I have read it so many times its already falling apart.

Natal here is strange because its 4000+ degrees and blinking lights
everywhere. Seriously though. Always always sun. The people here tell me
that my skin will adjust but I don´t think they actually
understand......but I just agree with them because I don´t know how to
explain superwhitepersonskinwithsundoesn´twork in portuguese. But. Its all

So the people here are awesome. They try to speak English to me and its
funny because I don´t understand because their accents are so strong.
Mostly I just get Good Morning and Tank You! (they can´t pronounce th so
its sounds like t) There is one man without fail that speaks spanish to me.
Yup. No idea why. Also everyone here thinks I speak German. I don´t, if you
were wondering.

Yesterday was crazy because we had an investigator at church with all her
little nieces and nephews and boy were they a handful. Minha nossa! But the
primary program was yesterday and it was beautiful even though it actually
sounded terrible but they sing with so much enthusiasm that its impossible
to not love them. The kids here are the best btw.

Also when Brazilians party they really party. A girl in the ward returned
from her mission and we went to the party and minha nossa it was awesome.
We had to leave early because it was 9 oclock but they sent us home with
platefuls of food. Woo!

I am excited for Natal and getting to skype with you all! yay! Feliz Natal
to all and don´t forget the Savior and the real reason we celebrate

Sister Helm

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