Monday, December 8, 2014

Another week

Família e amigos! Como vocês estão?

This week was pretty uneventful. All normal for the most part. (Nothing is
ever completely normal in Brazil)

Yesterday we had investigators at church! Not the same as last week
unfortunatly but it was still awesome. I am excited to see them progress
and come closer to their Savior.

We had some crazies this week. People see me from a mile away because I
stand out like a the black sheep in a herd here. I can usually see them
coming but sometimes they sneak up from behind. Haha. Usually they are
drunk and just starting talking to me in rapid Portuguese and say....oh you
are americana....blah blah blah. So my companion and i mess with them and I
tell them that no, I am Brazilian and I am from Rio Grande do Sul which is
a state in the south of Brazil that has a lot of people with whiter skin
and they totally go for it. My portuguese is still terrible and I obviously
have a super strong accent so when they can´t understand me my companion
tells them that they can´t understand because I am from Rio
times fun times. But this week was different because I was proposed to.
Yup. That was fun. Mosty because he was really drunk and I didn´t know what
he said at first but I shook him off by telling him I had a boyfriend
waiting for me and then showed him my ring and he took it. Woo.

December is the rainy season here and so it will be super hot and sunny and
then all of a sudden it´s raining buckets and so that´s fun. Yay!

Natal!! Woo for Christmas in Brazil! So many exciting things are happening
and it´s 200 degrees and so it doesn´t even feel like Christmas but still
woo! I don´t know if you all have heard of He is the Gift but you should
totally check it out! It´s all about Christ so it doesn´t get much better
than that! :)

All the children here are the best. They are all a bit scared of me at
first but eventually they think I am the coolest person ever. haha :) We
saw a boy this week that looks almost exactly like Zane (except that Zane
is not Brazilian) and it was sooo weird.

Food´s still great. I have decided my favorite juice is maracujá but if you
asked me what it looks like I couldn´t tell you. Also it´s funny because
when I first arrived all the ladies in the ward that make us lunch asked me
what my favorite food is and I told them lasagna and so it spread and now
we have lasagna A LOT. And then it got out my favorite dessert is mousse
(which is seriously the best) and now we eat that a lot too (no complaints)
and now my favorite juice and so we have that almost every meal. Haha the
members here are the best.

Welp. Brazil is still exciting. I know this church is true. I love it with
all my heart. I know Christ is my Savior and I am so excited we have
Christmas to celebrate His birth.

I love you all. Thank you for your prayers.

Sister Helm

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  1. We are so glad to hear that you are doing well! your dad mentioned on Sunday that they are praying for the gift of tongues for you, so we have added that to our prayers on your behalf! know that you are loved and that we are praying for you! don't get engaged to soon! ;)