Monday, November 24, 2014

no campo

This past week has been great. Some crazy things have happened but all´s

Our investigators are the bomb. Seriously. So awesome. I´m glad to have the
opportunity to serve them. The food is literally the best. Never eaten so
many good things in my life. Ahhh!!! I´m going to have to be rolled out of

Also this week I rode what I like to call The Harry Potter Bus, but here in
Brazil it´s just the normal bus. But literally I thought last week the bus
I took to get to Sergipe was crazy but actually it was totally calm. So
crazy, exactly like the bus from Harry Potter. We rode it because we had a
zone meeting in Aracaju. Good meeting and I learned a whole lot about how I
can´t understand Portuguese.

I had my first contact this week! All by myself. A contact is where we stop
someone on the street and tell them who we are and invite them to church
and to be taught was good. They said they wanted to know more
but sometimes Brazilians are flaky and so we´ll see.

Also since I was complaining about the heat it decided to rain. And when I
say rain I mean RAIN. Sister Barros and I got caught and we were super far
away from our casa and so we got absolutely soaked. soaked to the bone.
(also thank you so much Aunt Wendy for sending me the stuff to make my
shoes waterproof because they would have died without it)

We had an interesting experience this week. We went to go teach a lesson to
one of our investigators on the other side of our area. Out in the way out.
We clapped and she didn´t answer so we decided to come back later but then
she opened the door and we were super excited. yay! When we got in there
however there was a man there too and he just kind of sat there and watched
us creepily. Anyways, we tried to start and this man offered to say the
prayer. And then he stood up and started shouting and doing super weird
things and it was so strange. He prayed for almost 15 minutes. yup. After
that we tried to share a message but he started shouting more in portuguese
and i couldn´t understand but he kept looking at me and I heard Americana
and stuff like that and at one point he stood up and got right in my face
and pointed at me and said more things and so yup. When we left it was so
nice because there was just a bad spirit in that house. anyways, fun times
in brazil.

Yesterday we walked through a mini amazon! haha but it was really fun and
we found some really cool people on the other side.

The members here are absolutely awesome. They feed us sooo well and do a
great job of helping our investigators feel welcome. The kids think I´m the
coolest things since sliced bread because of my pop rocks. The faces on
their faces when the eat them....haha. Gets me every time. Especially the
adults! Our area is great. I love it here.

I know this church is true. I love it. I love my mission. I love the
opportunity I have to serve the people here and be on the Lord´s errand in
bringing others to Him. I love you all so much. Thank you for everything
you do!

Sister Helm

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