Tuesday, November 4, 2014


It's weird to spend Halloween at the MTC. Mostly because we can hardly
remember if there's a real world out there. It ended up being a pretty
otimo dia because......


WoooWoooo!! So much of the excitement!! I leave early Monday morning to the
SLC airport to fly to Atlanta, GA, then down to Sao Paulo, and then back up
to Maceio. Ahhh!!! A lot of flying, but I'm so excited right now! I've been
waiting for para sempre dizer all this and I'm just so thankful for all
your prayers, support, and love. So many things to do though before
segunda-feira! I'm also super thankful because Sister Lopez got her's as
well as another elder in our district.

Also on Halloween Sister Lopez and I had TRC. This week we got to skype
with a member from Maceio! It was so so so cool to meet someone from where
we are going just after finding out we are actually going there! It was fun
but I also had a hard time understanding a lot of his Portuguese because of
his accent and also he spoke realllllyyyy rapido. (Yay for going to Brasil
next week and not understanding anything!)

Other than that the week was pretty chill. We have class all day and then
we eat and then we study and then we sleep and then we wake up and do it
all over again. So much fun. But so much otimo at the mesmo vez!

Sorry this email is so crazy. There's a lot of things to say and not very
much time to say it.

It's going to be a whole week of lasts. Last days, last times, last
goodbyes. This morning a bunch of elders and a sister that came a few weeks
ago got their visas and left to the Brasil MTC. Only a few missionaries are
being reassigned. Something strange is that an elder and a sister in our
district that are going to Mozambique got reassigned. Strange to have
missionaries that are going to Brasil getting to go straight to their
missions and missionaries going to Africa are getting reassigned.

I'm happy though. Not sure if I'm prepared for the extreme heat/humidity
but you know that going to be expected. I've been studying so much harder
the last few days trying to cram in as much Portuguese into my head as I
possibly can.

Obrigada para tuda de voces por sua oracaos e por sua amor.


Sister Helm

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  1. That is so exciting! we have been praying that your visa would come!!! be safe and know you are in our prayers!