Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I have arrived

WoooooWoooo! Finally, I made it to Brasil. I spent way too much time
sitting in a plane. Really do not recommend it for anyone.

I do not have much time, so I'm going to be quick. 
However, I am here safe. Brasil is crazy. For realz. I have zero idea what
is happening right now. Besides Sister Lopez and Elder Trout like 10 new
missionaries came from the CTM in Sao Paulo. Yes, they are Brazilian. Yes,
they talk a million miles a minute. And yes, I have no idea what they are
saying. They keep trying to talk to me and eu não sei o que é acontecendo.
Hopefully this goes alright or this will be a really really long missão.

I am not sure when I will email again. Just know I am safe and clueless.
Yay. More details will have to come later.

Eu te amo muito! Obrigada for your prayers. :)))))

Com amor,
Sister Helm

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