Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Well, I was reading over my journal this morning to try and review the week
so I could tell vocês que é happening mas nada really happened this week. I
cannot spell in english anymore mas meu Portuguese is getting
better.....somewhat. I'm still speaking a lot of caveman.

The days here feel like a week but the weeks go by fast. Tomorrow marks
week 4 and that means I have less than 2 weeks left!!! So crazy! I've been
learning so much but I feel like I will never be actually prepared for the
mission field. It's weird because the missionaries that were here when we
got here are now leaving today and it is SO weird. Now we are the oldest
missionaries in our zone. WHAT?! All of them but one have been reassigned
stateside but are hopeful they will be getting to Brazil soon.

So every week on Thursday nights we don't have a teacher and so we've
decided to dedicate one hour of that three hour block to a kind of district
FHE. Sister Lopez and I were in charge of the lesson this past week but we
didn't know until last second. If you don't know me I do love winging
things and so this just seemed like a super fun challenge. So we came up
with acting out stories in the BoM! I know, flashbacks to FHE night at the
Helm House. It was so good though. All of our elders were hilarious and it
was super fun. Now Sister Lopez and I are the cool kids to beat. :)

Something fun was that Carlos A. Godoy of the Seventy came and spoke to us
for our Tuesday devotional. If you don't remember him he was the one at
conference that spoke Portuguese! And he's from Brazil! Anyways, when all
of us Brazil/Portuguese missionaries saw he was speaking we were all super
duper excited and everyone around thought we were crazy. His talk was
fan-dang-stastic and it was so awesome. If all Brazilians are like him I
cannot wait to get to Brazil. It was awesome because his English had the
coolest accent. He kept pronouncing english words like you would in
Portuguese and we all noticed! He asked (in Portuguese) who was learning
Portuguese and we all raised our hands and were like "we are we are!!"
Anywho, it was a great talk and incredibly inspiring. He focused on the
mission field and what we need to do that we can succeed there.

Something else I forgot to mention. On Sexta-Feira we have TRC which is
where we teach members a little message (all of this in Portuguese of
course). It's much more laid back than teaching an investigator and tons
more fun because often we get to teach these little old Brazilian people.
There are so animated and excited about us going to Brazil. When we tell
them we're going to Maceio they get so excited and tell us the people are
so nice, it's so beautiful, and the food is delicious. YES.

Our investigators are doing well. It still takes me awhile sometimes to
pick up what's happening but I can usually figure it out rapidomente
enough. The past few lessons I just feel I need to say something and so I
open my mouth and somehow Portuguese comes out. I'm so blessed to have the
Lord's help to do his work. I know there is no way I could do it without
that help.

I love the MTC. I love this work. I'm so blessed, animado, and just plain
happy to share this gospel with everyone I meet. I'm looking forward to the
plane ride out of here because I just want tell people about how awesome it
is that we have o Evangelho de Jesus Cristo na Terra hoje.

I love this gospel.

Sister Helm

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  1. We love reading your weekly updates! Ethan is always so excited to see your pictures! you are in our thoughts and prayers!