Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Woop Woop Missionary Work

What a week of running.

yup. More running everywhere trying to teach everyone this week.

We´ve been having a bit of trouble (a lot of trouble) trying to.get people
to come to church. It´s been really difficult. So this week we fasted and
prayed to have investigators in church. On Sunday morning we went around to
walk with our investigators to church and every single one had an excuse
about why they couldn´t go. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. So we went to church alone. We
walked in and talked with Tayna (who is perfect and literally amazing).
When we were there we saw two of our investigators that we had already
stopped teaching walk in and then later a member walked in and she had
brought her friend. So I can say that miracles are real.

Tayna did splits with us yesterday and it was sooooooo coool. She has been
baptized for 1 month now and yesterday she helped us teach the Plan of
Salvation! She taught about the three kingdoms perfectly and then bore her
testimony and Sister Saturnino and I were just there beaming like proud
moms and smiling from ear to ear.

We had an amazing experience with one of our investigators that we have
been teaching for a while. Actually she has been getting visisted by the
sisters for about 1 year and a half. And finally we marked her baptism.

So the missionary work is going. We had a few FHEs marked this week with
families in the ward and its going to be great. Especially because FOOD.

Sister Saturnino and I cook a lot. Mostly cake. And other sweet brazilian
things that you guys don´t have. Don´t worry I am getting the recipes and I
will make them when I get home.

Nothing makes me feel like I am in Brasil more than when I am walking on
the street and there is a billion people and everyone is saying good
afternoon to each other and the smell of food in the air and brazilian
music playing and dogs everywhere and then we stop at a little store to buy
fresh fruit. Yup. This is the life.

I don´t know what I will do when I have to go home and I won´t have fresh
mango juice every morning with my brazilian coconut sweet bread that we buy
at the neighborhood bakery. (super good if you were wondering)

I love you all. Stay strong in the gospel.

Sister Helm

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