Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Something I have been trying to work on here on the mission is patience. It
is a Christ-like attribute and something that I think everyone needs.

So in light of all this I have been praying to be more patient. But
something I am constantly realizing is that Father doesn´t just rain down
patience on us. Instead He just gives us more opportunities to be patient.

I had a lot of these opportunities this week. (to say the least)

But really I don´t think I am patient yet.

With all that....

It was an interesting week. We did a lot of running around trying to teach
people and help with Hands that Help and help a family move to another
house and lots of other things.

We had a great service project that all of Brasil did on the 25th. It was
part of the Hands that Help project and so I got to don the cool yellow
shirt and help plant trees! I got my hands dirty and it was lots of fun.
(its super fun to plant trees in a skirt if you were wondering)

We also helped a less active family move. They told us that they were
moving some time back and we offered to help but they said that we didn´t
have to help (I think people don´t think sisters are strong enough to
help). But, we turned up to help anyway and turns out that no one else came
to help and so we literally moved everything with just 4 people and a
wheelbarrow. haha. (and yes this was in a skirt again) But I am super sore
right now but they were really happy we helped and we are hoping that they
will let us into their house to teach now. :) They also fed us after and as
Sister Saturnino says, the best way to pay a missionary is with food.

I am constantly in awe with the power of the Spirit. The power that we, as
missionaries, have because of him. We had an amazing lesson with Renato and
his family and it was so cool to tell the Joseph Smith story and feel like
I wasn´t saying anything. Just opening my mouth and the words came.

I love the mission soooooo much. I can hardly believe I will have 10 months
on Saturday. Time passes too fast.

Well. I love you all. Stay cool. I have to leave because we are going to
make hamburgers and play basketball with our district!

Sister Helm

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