Sunday, July 19, 2015

Whattt a week-July 13th

This week was interesting. To start off, I have a few stories.

One night we were walking to get ice cream (really fast I promise) and it
was raining and we saw what we though was a small snake on the ground. As
we approached it we saw that it was actually a MASSIVE WORM. It was the
grossest thing ever. Over a foot long!

One day we were walking to an appointment and we were passing in the front
of some houses and I looked on the ground (I really need to stop doing
this) and I saw a MASSIVE GRASSHOPPER. Literally the size of my hand. I am
not kidding. MY HAND PEOPLE. Needless to say I screamed and pointed and
then my companion saw and screamed and jumped and there was a woman in the
front of us and she saw us screaming and jumping and looked to see what it
was and then we casually did a contact with her and set up an appointment
to teach her and her family. So even the grasshoppers have meaning here on
the mission.

One more. One day I was walking and I tripped and almost biffed it hard in
the middle of the street but I got up really fast and my companion was
laughing and I said out loud at least no one saw that and then I heard from
behind me I SAW IT and so I turned around and said what is your name? Hi,
my name is Sister Helm and this is my companion and we are missionaries
from the church..... and successfully turned my embarassment into another
great contact.

So. Good week.

We had a bit of a sad week with our appointments. And no one wants to go to
church. JUST COME TO CHURCH! But the Lord answers prayers and helps us in
every situation.

We made hamburgers and watched a church movie one night this week when the
other sisters had to go to Maceio. It was super fun!!

We had a miracle this week. (we have lots but I´ll just talk about 1)

We have an investigator named Ligia. She is amazing and wants so bad to get
baptized. We´ve been working with her for a while now. 4 months or
something like that. The problem is that she needs to get married. He
doesn´t want anything to do with marriage. He was drinking A LOT. But, one
day, he just quit drinking. That was about 2 months ago. He hasn´t drunk
since. And about 3 weeks ago, when we went to teach Ligia, he didn´t leave
the house. He stayed and heard our lesson with her. After we asked if he
wanted to hear more. He accepted. He was going to church with Ligia just to
please her. But this week she was out of town and he went alone. We taught
the Restoration and he prayed about it and baptism. And when we went to
teach the Book of Mormon this week we told us he knows it is the right
path, he wants to get baptized, and he wants to be with Ligia for forever.
I was holding back tears. Then we taught the BoM and gave him one at the
end and he said it was the best present he could ever get (strangely enough
it was his birthday that day). So miracles are real.

I know the church is true. Prayer can unlock doors we never thought of

The power of the Savior´s Atonement is real.

Love you alllll!!

Sister Helm

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