Sunday, July 19, 2015

Another Week-July 6th

Woooooo 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!

My companion and the other sisters in our house didn´t really understand my
excitement about the 4th of July this Saturday. More or less I just sang
the national anthem all day (along with other independence like songs) and
wore red, white, and blue and that was about it.

But. Don´t worry. Today we are going to eat hamburgers in the Centro to

Our week started out splendidly with an old woman that can talk the hair
off a horse. She talked and talked and talked and talked and literally
nothing made sense. More or less she told us about how she was raised in
the jungle like a wild animal until a hunter found her and that´s why she
doesn´t know how to read and then she told us about a dream she had about
being dropped in the River Jordan and so she considers herself baptized
because of this. We tried to cut in but it was almost impossible. When we
were about to leave she started in with a vision she had....she said `there
were 5 doors of silver...´ and I pulled my companion out the door before
the old woman could say more. Yup.

I finished 9 months this week! The other sisters and my companion almost
gave me a heart attack with jumping out at me and all with a cake and
singing loudly in portuguese but I liked it. We ate a lot of cake this
week. A LOT. And we are going to make another tonight for a FHE.

It rained SO MUCH. A few days this week all our appointments fell and we
were left to just knocking doors. In the rain. So like no one wanted to
answer the door. One good thing was that we found a less active and his
family. Only he is a member and so we are going to teach the whole family
now!!! wooooooooo knocking on doors actually works sometimes

So that was my week.

We have transfers tomorrow. Sister Guedes was transfered. Again. And she
will open a new area. Again. But this time she will train! Yay! I will have
a grandaughter... :) haha And they will still be in our district so that´s
nice. We still don´t know who is coming here to be the companion of Sister

Also with this transfer all of the areas of sisters in Maceio were closed.
So there are only elders

:( Good thing I served in Maceio for one day!

Love you alll sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchy

Sister Helm

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