Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ola-July 20th

It was a good week. We had an amazing Zone Conference with all of the missionaries in the state of Alagoas and we learned a ton. The only sad thing is that Alagoas only has a few sisters. The rest are in Sergipe. :( 

We had a great start to the week with finding all of our investigators at home!!! Yay! Everyone remembered our appointments and it was amazing. 

We had to leave to Maceio on Wednesday night because the conference was going to be really early on Thursday. We were running around like crazies trying to teach as many people as possible before 6 oclock! We had a pet kitten for about 5 minutes that was following us around and we named her Kitty. Then we had to run to another appointment and then home to take a shower and pack to stay the night in Maceio and then we ran to the bus stop to buy our tickets and we hadn´t eaten anything and it was dark and we were in the centro and there were plenty of drunks and we bought truffles and bread on the side of the road. Then we got on the bus just in time and went to Maceio. It was fun until we got there and we had to walk the apartment in the dark and so we made the elders walk with us and it was like 10:30 pm and then luckily a member that was driving past saw us and stopped and took us to the apartment. And so that was my Wednesday.

The actual conference was stellar. Really. We learned so many things that we are applying with our investigators now! It was great to see some people I haven´t seen in a while. The best was that I saw Elder Zeron from my district in the MTC! We ate Subway and that topped everything. 

We had a good week with finding some great new people to teach and we ended this week spectacularly with another great lesson with Renato. He has soooo much potential. We taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he just kept saying, Yes, this is what I need in my life. And we were like, Yes, it is! 

This work is amazing. I love every minute I have here. 

I love you all. Thank you for everything!!!!!

Sister Helm

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