Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week of Work-June 29th

Well it was a good week of work this week.

Our new recent convert Tayna is literally the coolest ever. She is a great
missionary and we are now teaching her sisters and she is excited to share
the gospel with her friends!

So this past week we made some goals. High ones. And we decided we were
going to attain them. And so we went to work. We have a big area and so we
were running in between appointments. Literally running. With skirt and bag
and mud and rain and sun and everything. It was fun.

We also knocked on a lot of doors. There is a part of our area that is just
house house house house house one after the other. The people stay inside
and so what did we do? Well, we need to find new people to teach and so we
went door to door to door to door for about 4 hours. I have to say I really
liked the experience and after the 30th house or so it almost became a
game. What kind of person will answer the door? It was great!

The weather is staying cool. A bit too cool for me. 23 degrees celsius and
I am freezing! What is this?????

But, the work is going.

We talked with a drunk guy this week and invited him to church and
yesterday he actually came to church! I didn´t even recognize him and turns
out he´s been a member for 13 years and now he´s returning! Miracles are

I love the mission. I know the church is true. I have seen how the gospel
can change lives. I have literally seen it change these people. Every day I
am more and more thankful for this opportunity I have.

Stay cool fam bam! Happy 4th of July on Saturday and happy 9 months to me
on Wednesday!!!

Sister Helm

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