Monday, June 8, 2015

8 months

The mission is flying. Really fast.

This week I went to Maceió to get Sister Saturnino. She´s an amazingly
awesome daughter of God from São Paulo. She is 19 and totally rad.

We had a great time trying to get back to Arapiraca. We missed the bus (it
wasn´t our fault) and so I was runnning around dragging Sister Saturnino
with me trying to talk people. Luckily there was another bus leaving only
30 minutes after the other so we got on that bus. Blessing of all
We finally got home and then had to leave again to buy food and unpack and
visit a family before 9 oclock.

Since only I know this area and the members and everything I spent one full
day showing the other companionship around their area and showing where
people lived and walking wayyy toooo much. I was really happy the next day
to just stay in our area with only my companion.

The other sisters here are Sister Aguirre from Peru and also my other
daughter Sister Guedes! It´s great with all of us and I am loving it!

The fun thing about today was that we don´t have water!! Woo. So it´s going
to be a fun few weeks. The blessings of this

One of our less actives brought a friend to church yesterday and she is
super cool! We taught her last night and the Spirit was so strong and she
was almost crying. We marked her baptism and everything and we are super
excited for her.

Ligia and Nenzinha are still awesome. Nenzinha bore her testimony yesterday
about the church and how Sister Silva, Pereira, and I were like angels sent
to her. It was pretty cool and I only cried a little bit... They just need
to get married and unfortunately their husbands don´t want to. They are
progressing really fast though! We gave Nenzinha´s sons Books of Mormon and
they were so happy and carry them around everywhere! The oldest has 11
years and is already in chapter 17 of 1 Nephi!

Love you all tons!

Sister Helm

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