Monday, June 22, 2015

Week What?

It was a good week. We did a lot of contacts and talked with sooooooooo
many people that were incredibly awesome and also a few that were not.....

We had some absolutely amazing lessons this week. One was with Renato. He
is a young father and is incredible. He feels the Spirit really easily. We
taught him the Plan of Salvation and it was so cool to see the lights come
on in his eyes. He is very dedicated to his family and was worried about
how he can get the Celestial Kingdom with everyone he loves. Luckily we
have the answers! The Spirit was super strong and he almost cried and he´s
this super buff guy with piercings and stuff and so it was cool.

The best lessons are always those with the Spirit. He guides our words and
helps our investigators understand the concepts.

The people that respond to our messages are always those that don´t look
like `members´ but after time it is amazing to see them change.

Something really weird was that we taught a young man that reminds me a lot
of Nalbert from Eduardo Gomes. Also strange was that we found another
Jessica that is reallllyyyy similar to the Jessica in E.G.  Speaking of
her, she is doing well and had her baptism marked for last week.

We have water again. It likes to leave suddenly and then appear a week

This last week was the first of three weeks of fireworks and firecrackers
and literally every kind of food you can think of that´s made of corn. We
had the super fun surprise of fireworks outside our apartment every day
this week at 6:00 am. We live right next to a massive store of just
fireworks, fireworks, and more fireworks. The firecrackers are a blessing
because all the little boys like to see us jump so they throw them right in
front of us or right behind us and then laugh when we get scared. Then on
Friday night everyone in the city built a massive fire in the front of
their houses and the smoke was horrible. All of this is some Catholic
holiday/tradition and it doesn´t really make sense to me but I love the

Well that was my week.

Love you all!

Sister Helm

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