Wednesday, April 1, 2015


So this week wasn´t the best. BUT. We are still working hard and doing our
best to find people to teach.

Jessica is still doing great. She has to wait until after the baby comes to
get baptized. She came to church yesterday and liked it! I have the
absolute blessing of seeing a real-life miracle right in front of me. A
person who had nothing, lived for nothing, didn´t want anything is now
trying and praying and making goals and everything else. One thing I
noticed this week was that when we went to teach her this week her home had
the Spirit. It was such a difference and I love her so much! We are hoping
that baby come soon!!!

We had the best lunch ever in the whole world yesterday after church. Also
I tried frozen sugarcane and it was weird but strangely very good. We
helped prepare and I was put in charge of the meat. Woo woo for Brazilian
bbq! The members have their two children out on missions and so its always
fun to go to their house and hear the stories!

We walked a lot. I got burnt. Someone asked me if I had a problem with my
skin because of my freckles. So all in all, normal.

We are walking a lot because no one was at home this week!!! So we walked a
lot and made a lot of contacts instead. It was good and we always find
interesting people on the street.

Yesterday we watched Conference at a member´s house. The same members that
we had lunch with. It was good and I was glad I understood the Portuguese.

Well, that was my week. It was not the best at the beginning but ended well
enough! Can´t wait for General Conference and Easter!!! Yay! We are having
a ward Easter activity this Friday so it should be an exciting week!

Thank you all for everything!

Sister Helm

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