Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Really, I am sorry mesmo.

Well, another great here in the beautiful world of Nossa Senhora do Socorro. (If you were wondering this translates to Our Senhora of the Help.) If you couldn´t tell, this city has a lot of catholic influence. 

It was a hot week! It is officially spring here but I think that seasons don´t really exist. It´s just hot. The days of eternal sweat have returned. In Arapíraca I was far away from the coast and so it was cooler. Here I am a lot closer and the humidity is reallllly fun.

We marked a lot of baptisms this week but then Sunday came and people didn´t come to church.

But we had this couple come and they are really cool! They need to get married but they are already planning everything and they got excited when we told them they could do it in the stake center if they wanted.

So actually we don´t have a chapel here in Socorro. It is in reform and so we are meeting in a nearby school. It´s a bit weird to have church in a school and I think our investigators are thinking the same thing. woooooooooo

A funny thing is that people see that the church got demolished and people ask us if our church ´ended´ hahahaha it´s great to serve a mission.

So this ward I am in is the best. The members once in a while get sad because they haven´t given us a referral for 2 weeks or something and so they invite us over to eat dinner and then talk with us about how they can be better as member missionaries and they start to make goals and it´s just the coolest. The food is great too.

Speaking of food, this morning I made french toast. It was supposed to be something cool for the brazilians in our house but they kinda just looked at me like I was crazy when I put the bread in the stirred eggs and then I put this ´weird sugar thing´ on top (maple syrup). But on the other hand I never saw Sister Lopez soo happy! So the two americans ate all the french toast.

I love you all! Keep sharing the gospel with your friends and family. We all need the gospel.

Com amor,
Sister Helm

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