Tuesday, September 29, 2015

well well well

We had the most ordinary week ever here in Socorro 1A. 

I will try to think of interesting things to say to you all.....

It was Sister Lopez´s birthday! Yay! We sang parabéns to her about 6 million times and we celebrated for three days straight. And I have been singing Taylor Swift´s song,  22, to her wayyyy too much. But, one more time, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER LOPEZ. We had a super fun day where we had cake after lunch, then went to another lesson and they gave us more cake and then a bit later we went to a FHE where we ate pizza and more cake and then we went to another lesson where we also ate food. We finished the day rolling home and with more cake in the fridge.

So the problem of an American comp is that we talk about food in the U.S. that they don´t have here and then we get all hungry and sad and then talk about how good it would be to have said food. 

We had an interesting experience last night. Sister Lopez and I got home before the other sisters and when we entered the house the lights weren´t working. I thought that maybe the other sisters were there hiding and waiting to scare us (they like to do that) so I started to search the house. It was super creepy and scary and it got worse when I walked to the back and saw that the back door was open. So then I got real freaked out because maybe there was some creep in our house or something and then the other sisters got home and we were all scared so we called our ZL and they came to our house with their bishop and they searched our house and fixed the lights and then all was good.

So maybe that was a story that wasn´t all that cool but I am good now. The sad thing was that we didn´t get to see the eclipse because we were all soo tired we went right to sleep and missed it. :(

Well that was my week. 
I hope you are all excited for General Conference! It will be awesome! Also we have mission tour on the first and it will be fun!

Sister Helm

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