Thursday, October 8, 2015

what a week...and we´re going to have another one just like it!

Hello everyone!

I first want to tell everyone...I love you!

Well, I am sure everyone is feeling good after such a great conference
weekend. It sure was a great one.

I am super excited to read the ensign already. I took notes and everything
but nothing compared to the mountain of amazingness that we get the month
after GC. If you didn´t have the opportunity to watch it, make sure you
read it! We use the talks from GC in FHEs with our investigators and
members. Revelation continues!

We had Mission Tour with Elder and Sister Fernandes on Thursday. Funnily
enough, I completed one year on the mish this day too. It was a strange
feeling. It is even weirder that I am with Sister Lopez again, literally
one year back we were comps in the MTC! How different we are today than we
were one year ago. (Thank goodness right haha)

We had a miracle! yay for miracles! So we were trying to find the house of
one of our less actives. It was night and so it was a bit hard. Also all
the streets look the same. Anyways, Sister Lopez thought she had the right
house but I was looking at the address and I was like no, this isn´t it!
But, like all good missionaries do we just tried it anyway (if it isn´t the
person it just becomes a contact) When we knocked a man answered the door
and we asked if our less active was there. He said, who? she doesn´t live
here. But then he said that he knew someone who would like to meet us. He
invited us in and when we entered we saw an old woman that gave us a huge
smile and said SISTERS! HOW DID YOU KNOW I LIVED HERE?? Turns out she had
moved recently to the area and was praying to have the missionaries knock
on her door so that she could come back to church.

Let me tell you, miracles are real.

The Lord uses us to help others. We need to pay attention the the Spirit so
that he can guide us to these people.

Como Presidente Monson said yesterday, Be thou an example of the believers!

Have a great week gente!
Sister Helm

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