Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Week

It was an interesting week.

We entered in this week with a lot of hope. We had a bunch of cool people
to visit and lots more to find! But, it didn´t go exactly as we had

When we returned to teach Luiza she was totally closed off and wouldn´t
believe anything we taught. We taught about the BoM and she said she would
read and pray but that she knows that everything we need is in the Bible.
So that was sad.

But we set off looking for new people to teach and we found lots of great
ones. And then when we returned they too didn´t want anything more. So here
we are. Looking for new people to teach...again.

Yesterday we had some miracles. We had been working with a family for about
a month but they would never come to church. So we stopped teaching them
for a while. When we went there on Saturday we shared a little message with
them and invited them to go to church the next day. They said they would
and guess what....THEY ACTUALLY WENT. Wooooo!!! So that was great.

This week too one of our investigators came to church with his white shirt
and black pants and was looking spiffy! It was so great to see him
interacting with the bishop and the other men in the ward. We are super
excited to teach him tonight!

We saw some big rats and I killed a cockroach this morning. That´s about
all for the newsflash.

Boa semana a todos!
Sister Helm

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