Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Exciting Week!

 Sister Barbosa and I in our room with our Christmas lights.

Hello from Brasil!

It sure was an interesting week. We hardly worked in our area!

We had divisions this week with the other sisters here in Socorro. It was great to be with them!

We got to work in our area on Wednesday and we ran around trying to follow up with everyone. It was a bit hard because there were a lot of people to visit! We got ready to leave early the next morning to Maceio for our leadership meeting. Turns out that Presidente changed his mind last minute with transfers and decided to call 4 new STLs and open a new area for them because we had a lot of sisters on the mish. So it was a bit crazy. At the meeting we learned a lot about contacts and we have a new challenge to do 20 contacts every day.

I also heard about the transfers and I got transfered. I will go to Estancia and open a new area and train a new STL. I think this will be my last area! 

Our Christmas conference the next day was AMAZING. It was so much fun to see old companions, old districts and sing our mission hymn with the whole mission. Sister Barbosa and I were running around the whole day and we were pretty tired by the end. We helped a lot with the food and such...I felt like I was at work again! haha but it was really good to see my friends and old companions and say goodbye to everyone.

We got to work in our area again on Saturday and we spent the day running around trying to follow up with everyone again. We had only a bit of success because everyone is traveling for the holidays.

Sunday was crazy. I already knew I was leaving and when I told the members they almost had a revolt! This ward really is amazing and I will be sad to leave.

And here we are. I spent the morning packing and trying to organize my things. I have accumulated a lot of STUFF here on the mish. Also.....we don´t have water. YAY. So doing things like washing clothes and stuff won´t happen. 

Some funny moments this week:

1. We were eating lunch last Sunday with a member family and I taught them to make paper snowflakes! They got soooooo excited and thought it was the coolest thing ever. They were like `how did you learn to do this??!!` 

2. We were coming home late and we were trying to get home in time and so we started to run. So there we were...running like all heck had broken loose...and a member sees us. Now he says that we are the sisters that like to run. 

WELL that was my week. 

I love you all demais demais and I hope that you all read your scriptures every day this week.

wooo woo BRASIL

S. Helm

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