Wednesday, January 6, 2016

December 21, 2015

Woo well we are doing our best to spread the Christmas Spirit here in ESTANCIA. 

It was a bit of a crazy week trying to find all the investigators that the sisters before us had taught but it went well. We had a baptism too! The sisters taught a young man named Rodrigo that is super cool. He was sooo prepared and excited. He is super excited to serve a mission in a year from now. 

We are still getting to know our area and everything but as soon as we got in here in Estancia we left doing contacts with EVERYONE. We hardly don´t stop to breathe because we are always talking with someone. It´s going great!

Sister Walker is the bomb! Haha talk about good times on the street. We are planning a super TOP Christmas!

Talking of being on the street....Sister Walker and I get a whole lot of weird stares. We are both tall and white. Everyone asks if we are related. uuhhhhh nooooo.

Well I hope that everyone has an absolutely AMAZING CHRISTMAS!

Read about the nativity story in Luke 2!

Loves, Sister Helm

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