Monday, January 25, 2016

Week that lasted forever

Yup. It was a long week. One of the longest I have seen here on the mish.

We actually had a pretty awesome week with our lessons and such. We taught
a lot of lessons and we also taught a lot with a recent convert here. It
was so cool to take him to visit our investigators and then they ask him,
how long have you been a member? and he´s like.....2 weeks.

Anyways, it helped a lot of our investigators see that they don´t have to
learn everything before getting baptized. The other great part is that this
recent convert got baptized 3 weeks after going to church for the first

It really made me see how our testimonies can help others. This recent
convert also was SUPER happy to help us and loved going to visit everyone.
He talks A LOT.

We had a great Family Home Evening on Saturday with a family in the branch.
We invited family that we are teaching. We watched The Restoration and had
a great time playing games and eating popcorn. Also our investigator family
LOVED IT and their son asked us like 30 times when we were going to do it

Yesterday (Sunday) was a bit hard because our investigator that had his
baptism marked for this Saturday didn´t come :( BUT we had several other
investigators there that are progressing really quickly.

And here we are. I got the news about Wyatt and it´s a bit strange. I also
got my travel plans. I will leave on March 15th and I will get home on the
16th! (Wayyy too much time on the plane)

I hope everyone has an awesome week! Don´t forget to read the scriptures,
they will help you in every situation.


Sister Helm

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