Friday, February 12, 2016


Well guys, I have officially found the most beautiful area of my mission.
It is amazing here! I am loving my companions, my area, our investigators,
and especially the members!!!

We hit the ground running this last week trying to follow up with everyone.
Our trio will cover two areas and so we have a lot of people to teach! We
have some great people that we found this last week too. Liliane has her
baptism marked for this Saturday and we are preparing Aluiso for his
baptism in two weeks. WOOOOOO.

I am loving being so close to Maceio. We are already planning a pday to go
to see some of the beaches here (we can´t touch but we can look!) so that I
can say that I actually saw some of the famous Maceio beaches. It is going
to be a great transfer.

Carnival has arrived here but for the most part is has been pretty quiet.
We are avoiding certain streets although because if you enter in these said
streets you will get a face full of rotten eggs and flour. (don´t ask me
what they are celebrating because I don´t know).... (actually no one knows)

I love you all sooo much! Stay tuned because these last 5 weeks are going
to be THE BEST.


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