Wednesday, March 9, 2016

February 15...WooWoo

So the weeks are flying. The days are full of hundreds of things to do and the time is running out!
We had a great week. I had a hard time when I got transferred on my last transfer but I really felt this week, with certainty, that I need to be here right now, in this moment. I am so blessed to be here!
We are teaching some pretty awesome people here. One of our investigators got baptized on Saturday, Liliane. She just had this huge smile on her face the whole night. Another on of our investigators, Aloisio, was at the baptism and his baptism is this Saturday!
We had a bit of a hard time Tuesday and Wednesday because Carnaval was still going. We had to dodge the blocos and men dressed like women to get to our appointments. Luckily we are all here in one piece.
Yesterday was AWESOME. Usually Sundays are a bit hard because everyone is traveling or drinking but yesterday was great because we went to visit our investigators with Marcos, Antonio, and Aloisio. Marcos is a recent convert, Antonio is a less active that is coming back, and Aloisio is....our investigator. I had never seen anything like I saw yesterday, but all of us just felt like proud moms as our ´´Elders´´ (as they call themselves) were doing contacts and teaching with us. They have made soooo much progress!
Well. That´s about it. We have about 3.2 billion things to do, Mission Tour, and not to mention Aloisio´s baptism!
Have a week that is not as stressful as mine will be!
Sister Helm

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