Wednesday, March 9, 2016

February 22...Crazy Week

It certainly was a crazy week. We ran around teaching everyone that we could!
We had Mission Tour on Friday. It was good but the room was super cold. hahaha We learned a lot of things to get put in practice and I will be working hard so that my mish finishes well.
Aloisio´s baptism was great! His parents were there and everyone was happy, especially Aloisio! The next day he was there in a white shirt and tie to get confirmed and he went to do visits with us after lunch! He even helped us teach about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I am so blessed to be here. Every day I have this feeling that I really needed to be here in Sao Miguel. I know that God is guiding our paths. I love to help people get to know their Savior better.
I love you all! Loves and kisses from Brazil!
Sister Helm

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