Monday, January 11, 2016

Normal Craziness

Our week was a bit tight. We ended up getting another one of those great calls from Presidente. It went like this:

´Hello, good afternoon Presidente!`
´Good afternoon Sister Helm, it sure has been a while since we talked´
´It sure has Presidente!´
`Yeah I think it was last year ne´
´hahahaha Presidente that was a good one´
´Sister, I need you help´
´(inside my head: ah crap, not again)´

 But it wasn´t that bad. So that I have another companion! I am in trio with Sister Guedes! Haha she came back to me!

It was crazy running around trying to get everything worked out and we had to go to Aracaju to get her but now she is here and it´s all good.

We had a great p day last week making pudim! It is super good and easy to make and I am glad I finally learned how. I think it will become a p day tradition because it is Sister Walker´s favorite dessert.

I had a great time doing division with Sister Oliveira! We taught a bunch of lessons with members and had a great time partying it up on the street! It was great to be with her for at least one day.

We will be going to Itabaiana this week! Woo wooo more partying haha

I am sooo grateful for being here in Brazil. It´s the best. Quão abençoada que eu sou!

Have an awesome week!
Sister Helm

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