Wednesday, January 6, 2016

December 28, 2015


I sure love Christmas.

We had a fun time eating A LOT of food, listening to Christmas music, exchanging gifts, avoiding the drunks, singing carols to EVERYONE, reading the Nativity Story in Luke about 300 times, talking about Christ, talking with our families, and the other million things that happen at Christmastime on the mission.

Long story short: it was a good Christmas.

I am so grateful for these two Christmases I had here in Brazil. I won´t ever forget them. I had the wonderful opportunity to learn about the real meaning of Christmas. I had the chance to share with these wonderful Brazilians about the hope we have because of this birth. I loved getting to know my Savior better this Christmas season. I hope you all took a bit of time to do the same. I am incredibly blessed to have had this opportunity. 

After Christmas and New Year the excitement and craziness will end. But that we never let that light of Christ end. That it might stay with us until next Christmas.

I hope you all have an amazing New Year. Take advantage of this wonderful time of the year. 

Luvs to all!

Sister Helm

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