Tuesday, January 19, 2016

When it rains, it pours!

So the fun topic this week is rain! When it rains, it pours. THIS IS TRUE PEOPLE.

We had a crazy start of the week traveling to Itabaiana to do divisions with the sisters there. We left our other companion with a member for two days while we were there. So the fun thing is that there is no bus that goes from Estancia to Itabaiana. So we had to go to Aracaju and get a bus to Itabaiana from there. LOTS OF TRAVELING. 

We were so incredibly blessed this week. It is interesting to see how blessings come in all sorts of ways. In the smallest things we can see God´s hand in this work. 

We had a great time in Itabaiana! They had a ward activity when we were there and it was super fun to get to know a few of the members there. I did divisions with Sister Monteiro from Cape Verde and Sister Davis from Corning, California. It was so good to be with them and help them a bit. 

Then we got back Friday morning, worked in our area for that day and the next day we were traveling to Lagarto for a meeting with our zone and Presidente Gomes! The meeting was good and we got mail! I got an awesome letter from some of the Primary kids from my home ward (MELBA 1ST) that made me laugh. 

We rushed back to Estancia after the meeting to work in our area for a bit, trying to follow up with all our investigators so that they would go to church on Sunday. It was a super long day made short because we had a TON of stuff to do. 

SUNDAY. You are all wondering where the rain was in this week right? I am getting there don´t worry. On Sunday we ran around trying to get people to go to church and MIRACLE OF ALL MIRACLES.....Cleonancio finally went to church. Yup. Hold the applause people. We were so excited! Also Eliziane went to church and she and her mom are seriously like the coolest ever. 

And now for the rain:

We were teaching Cleonancio when the rain started. So a bit of rain. And then the sky opened and a literally ocean dropped on Estancia. Minha nossa tanta chuva. We got absolutely soaked (to the bone) and when we were going home we had to wade through the rivers, I mean streets, to get home. 

Woo and so that was my week.

But really it rained a lot and I won´t dry out for a week.

Have a great week everyone!

Sister Helm

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